Storm Damage & Restoration

When a storm rolls through, it can leave destruction along with fresh air and blue skies. Even though we don’t get hurricanes or tornadoes here in the Southern Oregon area, a severe thunderstorm, hail or windstorm can do plenty of damage.

Wind Damage and Felled Trees

 The prevalence of old oaks in Medford and Central Point and conifers at slightly higher elevations in Jacksonville or Ashland mean that a good storm leaves behind some felled branches. Some of those branches unfortunately end up on roofs of houses and other structures, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Hail Damage to Roofs

 Hail, while relatively rare in our area, can leave dark spots on asphalt shingles where the mineral granules have been dislodged from the impact of the hail. This may be somewhat difficult to identify. This premature wear on the shingles can open the roof to leakage, and this can take some time to become noticeable.

Water Leaks after Storms

 Keep an eye out for shingles that look misplaced or damaged to catch water damage before it starts, and be on the lookout for leaks and other signs that water is seeping into your house.

Siding Damage

 Siding can also sustain damage from wind and hail. Siding may look pockmarked and dented, cracked or have holes from hail damage, and paint or stucco may look disturbed or chipped. Wind may dislodge or displace siding.

Subtle Damage Takes Time to Show

 Even if your roof doesn’t have a tree fall through it or the gale doesn’t blow the siding off your house, it’s still wise to be attentive to the home’s exterior after a bad storm. It can take months for seemingly minor storm damage to make itself known in the form of slow leaks, standing water or mold, and by that point it becomes a major concern that’s more costly to fix.

If you find yourself with tree branches or water in places they don’t belong after a storm, call Claudio Alvarez Construction at 541-727-7340 to help with your storm damage restoration and get your home back to pre-damage condition.