Lead Pain Removal

Older homes have charm and character in abundance. Often benefits include larger lots, mature trees and landscaping or a neighborhood that has an established personality and culture. Two things you won’t love about a house built before the 1980s are the lead paint and asbestos likely present somewhere in that charming older home.

Lead paint removal  is a specialized jobs that many local Medford construction companies don’t offer. Claudio Alvarez Construction is certified in lead abatement. This means that we’re able to oversee your construction project and we won’t need to “call in the pros” if lead paint containing materials are identified: we are the pros. We ensure all hazardous materials are handled in a way that keeps your family’s health safe, and lead paint is disposed of according to the EPA’s laws and regulations.

Lead is found in paint in older houses. Lead-based paint was banned for residential use in the US in the late 1970s. While you may not have exposed paint that’s 40 years old, it may be layered beneath other coats. If old paint starts cracking or chipping, lead paint may become exposed. Kits are available to test for the presence of lead paint. You can also send a sample out to have it tested in a lab.